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What to Expect In-Store!

Stuart Smith

22 April 2021

Monday 26th April is almost upon us! Just 4 more sleeps until we can finally welcome you into our all-new Professional Shop! Whoop Whoop!

Obviously, we are still in the midst of the Covid pandemic, so we have measures in place to help keep you the members and our staff safe in-store. The following measures will be in place and we kindly ask that you respect and observe at all times:

  • On entering the clubhouse, please ensure that you are wearing a face mask and have sanitized your hands at the front door using the hand gel provided. 

  • The Professional Shop door will be open to reduce touchpoints and to allow fresh air to circulate within the shop area. In the event that the door is closed and locked please note that this will be for staff member(s) need for a comfort break.
  • Once in-store, we request that you observe our one-way system, by turning left and walking clockwise around our central floor display to reach the counter.
  • A maximum of 3 members will be allowed in the Shop at any one time. Please observe the floor signage to signify where to stand (socially distanced at 2 meters apart) along with other signage displayed with clear instructions.

  • We will also implement a policy of One In / One Out too, whilst maintaining the maximum number of members in-store.

  • Once at the counter, please use the side of the counter where the sneeze screen is located to maintain the safety of our staff. Hand gel will be available for you to use here too.

  • Transactions will be by members VMS Pro Shop account credit or preferably Contactless if by credit/debit card. Our card terminal will be sanitised for each customer, so Chip & Pin transactions can be carried out safely.
  • If you require the use of the in-store VMS iPad for entering a competition, or for the recording of competition or general play scores, please note that hand gel will be provided for your use and the screen and pen will be sanitised regularly too. 

  • Any items displayed can be purchased safely in-store, whilst adhering to the above points. If there are items that you'd wish to purchase and collect at a later time, then we will happily reserve and bag said items for you at your request.

We can't wait to welcome you in-store! It's been almost three months since my arrival so we've some time to make up but of course, we all have our duty to ensure that we remain open to serve you the members with no hiccups.

To support this article I'll be creating a walk-through video of the Shop and our safety measures at the end of the week so you can familiarise yourself with the layout and all of our lovely new stock just waiting to be snaffled up! You'll be able to view the video on our social media accounts and the club's website.

We very much look forward to not only welcoming you in-store but to finally getting to meet a large majority of you too!

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